We are proud to be a dynamic and innovative company that is committed to providing exceptional service to our valued customers.

Our road map begins with our mission:
To provide innovative, affordable consulting services. It expresses our company's mission and serves as the guideline against which we measure our actions and decisions.

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fpc solutions.

FPC Solutions began operations in April 2016, with the goal of becoming Pretoria’s leading consulting firm. Through strategic partnerships with other ICT service providers and industry-leading remote technology, we provide support to all major centers from our Pretoria office. We take pride in our business model, which allows us to provide 80-90% of our managed support services remotely, lowering costs and increasing resolution times. FPC Solutions has experienced consistent market growth since its inception. Since 2016, we have been committed to clients and providing unrivaled business solutions in South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda. FPC Solutions employees are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. We continually enrich and better equip our qualified and competent staff members to provide efficient services and support to our customers through comprehensive staff training and staff improvement processes.



We currently serve clients in the transportation, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing industries. Our name says it all: we provide comprehensive innovative business solutions, ranging from ICT architecture to hardware procurement and implementation, as well as maintenance and technical support.

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