About Us

Our road map starts with our mission, which is delivering innovative affordable consulting services. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

About FPC Solutions

FPC Solutions started its operations in April 2016, with the vision to be the leading consulting company in Pretoria. From our Pretoria office we offer support to all major centers through strategic partnership with other ICT services companies as well as industry leading remote technology. We pride ourselves on our business model which enables us to offer 80-90% of our managed support services remotely, reducing cost and improving resolution times. From inception, FPC Solutions showed consistent market growth. Our commitment to clients and our technical superiority coupled with irreproachable business solutions in South Africa, Zambia and Uganda since 2016. Our staff members at FPC Solutions are highly motivated and enthusiastic about what they do. Through comprehensive staff training and a staff betterment processes we continually enrich and better equip our qualified and competent staff members to provide efficient services and support to our customers.

Operational Performance


We are currently servicing customers in the Transport, Agricultural, Mining, Manufacturing, Distributing and Warehousing sectors. Our name says it all as we offer a complete innovative business solutions, from ICT Architecture, hardware procurement, implementation to maintenance and technical support. 

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